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ASSOCIATION SOFIA on Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

This September Association Sofia recieved a call from Daria Mršić to support her interest for Media literacy on their platform – Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, and we hosted Mršić on one of our Info classes we had in American corner (Info čas: Budi medijski pismen. Budi cool!), in Banja Luka. Surely, we are hoping to collaborate more and on some other issues as well. Read some of the text from Mršić’s report:

Media Literacy is becoming a widespread problem in all parts of the world. Association for Promotion of Culture and Thinking Sofia from BiH has a mission to enlighten Bosnian and Herzegovinian society, which is lacking in awareness of the problem called media illiteracy.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is no Media Literacy in formal education, not in kindergartens, primary school, or high school, not as a part of informal education nor as a part of free time for every single person.

This Association is at the start of its work. Now they are creating one-day course, which is a pilot course, aimed at kids at high schools and colleges, as well at parents and teachers, with the main accent on the practical part – learning how to recognize false from true information/news, which can be delivered to them in a form of newspapers, television, radio transmitter, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Path, Instagram or any other way.

The goal of the project “Be Media Literate. Be cool!“ is to promote quality and responsible journalism by spreading awareness primarily of young consumers on the necessity of critical access to information and responsible production of media content. In addition, a special focus is placed on security and privacy on the Internet, and first of all in the use of social networks.

The speakers are a Philosophy and Sociology Professor Ana Galić and two journalists Brankica Smiljanić and Dejana Bratić, who are leading the new association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sofia.

For more information or to connect with Association for Promotion of Culture and Thinking Sofia: is external) or on this page…(link is external)


For more information go to: Be Media Literate. Be cool!



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